Sony seeking to appoint ‘at least one’ new board director

A report from The New York Post suggests that Sony is seeking to appoint ‘at least one’ new board director.  The company is looking out for its US-based media executives for this important post.

Last May, through a letter sent to Sony boss Kaz Hirai by CEO of Third point LLC, Daniel Loeb, who also is Sony’s largest investor asked for Sony to split the business and sell off the entertainment wing which includes Sony Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment.  Hirai formally refused to give up and firmly believes in keeping the business intact below one roof.

Sony is currently going through a rough patch with its gaming wing losing $8 million causing its projections being deducted by 40% for the year ahead.  Sony’s biggest launch of the year, the PlayStation 4 will definitely aid to its gaming business as the new console emerges as a winner with 1 million units sold in US and 250K units sold in UK within a short period of time.

The company moves on with its cost cutting methods to inflate profit initiated around a year ago. Last November, Sony hired Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm to gain $100 million via possible cost reductions.