Sony Responds To Competition Microsoft Xbox 720

Sony revealed their next-gen console last week  during their press conference in New York City. Their unveil has taken the gaming industry’s  attention, making them take the league with this successful presentation. Not only that, Microsoft doubt a part of the world will not noticed the existence of the PlayStation 4.

It appears that Sony has the hype in full control. Microsoft was reported to unveil their next-gen Xbox April 26th.

Such things didn’t bother Jack Tretton, Sony chief executive. As he stated below

“We’ve always had different competitors. We were in the space before Microsoft and we may be in the space after Microsoft. We’ve seen competitors come and go,”

“I think we are mindful of what they do and quite frankly we think that anything that adds tension and success in the gaming industry is good for us. So we are aware of the competition but we are kind of marched towards our own strategy. And we are very confident that holiday 2013 is a great time to bring out the PlayStation 4,” he said to Businessweek.

Even if Microsoft unveils their next-gen console, this wouldn’t bother Sony, as they stated they had different competitor, they were there before and they may be there after .