Sony: PS4 will not allow online pass system

Sony created a flutter in its E3 2013 press conference by mentioning the no-DRM policies for PlayStation 4. However, details that flowed out later rather confused the situation with SCEA CEO Jack Tretton saying that third party DRM’s can be implemented.

Speculations were put to rest when Gamasutra spoke to Scott Rohde, software product development head for Sony Worldwide Studios America. In his words, “We’ve already come right out and said we’re not going to allow online pass. And the word ‘allow’ is key there. Specifically with online, with PS+ requiring a charge to play online, we would not want any publisher [to charge.]”

“In general, we’re all businesses. Sony or Microsoft is never going to be able to tell EA or Activision exactly what they can do. What we like to say at PlayStation is that we set the precedent. The way we are approaching this is that we want this to be extremely consumer-friendly, extremely retailer-friendly, and extremely publisher-friendly. My personal opinion is that it’s hard for me to believe that any major publisher is going to put an extra set of used DRM onto game titles because that wouldn’t put them in a good spot, right?”

Speaking on the affects that transition to the next gen console will result in, he refuted any arguments about major changes that might occur, saying, ” That’s the easiest way to say it — it’s the same. It’s just like it’s always was, is the easiest way to say it. Better, in fact, because online pass, in the future we’re going away from that.”

PlayStation 4 owners will have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play online, while online play will be free on the PS3 and PS Vita.

Referring to the reception of the news at E3 2013, Rohde said, “In a way it’s a little bit sad in that what we’ve been doing all along gets such a big cheer. That’s just something that we’ve always wanted to do. It’s not a plan that changed based on what Microsoft has been saying over the past month or two. It’s just, ‘Oh, I guess we should emphasize this now,’ because it’s a serious point of advantage for us. So let’s have a little fun with it, basically.”

Do let us know what you think about Sony’s anti-DRM policies.