Sony President Believes Virtual Reality Isn’t Near Perfect

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida recently held an interview where he spoke of the PlayStation Sony Morpheus. Yoshida feels that the virtual reality we picture won’t be near perfect and will take decades before it becomes mainstreams.

The interview was held over at GamesBeat where Yoshida spoke of virtual reality and comparing it to the days of the PlayStation 1. While virtual reality headsets like the Morpheus and Oculus is making headlines all over, the true virtual reality developers are gearing for won’t be available for decades.

Much like the PlayStation 1, Yoshida comments on how the 3D graphics was just starting out and most developers were a bit uneasy as to how 3D graphics would hold up against 2D. Now decades later, we have beautiful 3D video games likeĀ The Last of Us.

“We are still really trying to define or discover what works and what’s required for the hardware tech. Our team feels that we’re getting closer, but there are certain things that still have to be improved to make a good consumer product,”

Comments made by Yoshida does make sense. Technology and development will improve over years time but the virtual reality capable of today is still awe inspiring. You can check out the full interview with Yoshida here.