Sony PlayStation Hacker receives one year prison sentence for breaching data back in 2011

The hacker Cody Kretsinger has been connected to the high profile computer hacking group, LulzSec. The US District Judge in Los Angeles has sentenced Kretsinger to a year in prison; also after his release he is ordered under house arrest and a thousand hours of community service. Kretsinger went by the identity “Recursion”, towards his fellow Lulzsec members. He pled guilty last year to providing customer personal data to his group by breaching the Sony Pictures website through SQL injection. Damages provoked by the attack have estimated to be around $600,000, according to Sony. Other members of the group will also be charged.

Since the infamous Sony PlayStation hack of 2011 has happened, Sony has endured many harsh comments about their faulty security. The hackers broke through multiple online servers for Sony Pictures Entertainment, PlayStation Network, and Sony Online Entertainment. They were able to steal personal information that belonged to millions of customers, deeming the company’s security, weak. Ever since the hack occurred, there have been no reports of identity theft or credit card fraud related from the breach. Sony has pledged to improve protecting customer data by boosting its security efforts.