Sony Firing Employees By Using Doctors




Kaz Hirai is taking Howard Stringer’s old job at Sony this April. Howard Stringer was thought to be the foreigner who was brought in to fire Sony employees because Japanese companies often bring in foreigners to fire people, but this was not the case. Lifetime company employment is long gone.

Sony is moving away from manufacturing, which is evident by the PS3 and the PS Vita because they are not made in Japan by Sony. Sony has set their production to China. Since the company is moving away from production, this means Sony needs to shed workers and those in development. Sony is apparently concentrating more on its software and network businesses. Sony began beefing up its early retirement program throughout the company in the past decade.

Sony’s personnel department is apparently separating all low performing employees by different categories such as candidate for retraining, candidate for administrative leave, candidate for an occupational change, candidate for simple desk work, etc. The rank for these employees differ, but they are all candidates for restructuring. Sony’s office of career development is apparently going through and weeding them out.

A Sony personnel department source said the company is even using the company doctors to target those for early retirement by using mental health conditions to help either force workers into a leave of absence from which they don’t return or simply recommend that they retire early as not to worsen their condition. Sony’s moves are being called “underhanded”.



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