Sony Announced New Slimmer PS Vita Model

At its press conference today, Sony announced a slimmer, lighter PS Vita model. It will go on sale in Japan on October 10th. There is no word yet if it will be released outside of the home country.

Sony said the new PS Vita design was for “more causal and friendly for a wider range of users.” The new model is just 15 mm in width, a 20% reduction from the current model. It weights 219 grams, which is 15% lighter. The redesign also comes with a boosted battery life, allowing for up to six hours of use.

The new model will include 1 GB of internal memory storage, so for smaller downloads you wont need a memory card. Meanwhile, Sony has also announced a 64 GB memory card for the system. Sony is also offering the handheld in a wide variety of colors including: yellow, pink, white, gray, lime green and light blue.

PS Vita colors

You can see the full specs of the new model below.