Sledgehammer Games Co-Founder Glen Schofield Talks Cancelled Call of Duty Game

Before there was Call of Duty: Advanced  Warfare there was another Call of Duty title in the works by Sledgehammer Games. Further details of this development was released when Game Informer had a chance to sit down and talk with Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield.

Sledgehammer Games was in development at one time for a third-person Call of Duty title but was ultimately shutdown. Speaking to Game Informer, Glen Schofield told of how their time developing Dead Space gave the development team a number of ideas for their third-person Call of Duty title.

“We had the underground tunnels,” Schofield says. “We were definitely getting some Dead Space moments. I don’t mean that from sci-fi, I mean that was a war that was scary for the [American soldiers]. They didn’t know if in the jungle there was a booby trap, or what was in those tunnels. And there were thousands of miles of tunnel underground. It was a hidden war, right? Everybody thought the war was in Vietnam, but it was in Cambodia and Laos. So we were telling a cool story.”

Sledgehammer Games had to put down the development in-order to lend a hand with Infinity Ward with their development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The development team is now back working on another title in the franchise but it won’t be third-person.

It would seem that now that this information is being tossed around more by Sledgehammer Games, perhaps the development team is seeing if there is any interest in a third-person shooter for a Call of Duty title.