Rumor – Microsoft paying publishers to skip PS4 mentions

NeoGAF has a user who calls himself Crazy Buttocks on a Train, or in short, Cboat has given out some interesting details. This user is a rumor mill and has the distinction of almost always being right. Just before E3 today, a few “truthfacts” as NeoGAF likes to call them, has been provided by Cboat.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is buying PlayStation 4 non-mentions. Moreover, Cboat claims that Mirror’s Edge 2 and a new Prince of Persia game is due tomorrow. Check out all the “truthfacts” below.

Xbox One

  • Microsoft is actively buying PlayStation 4 non-mentions. If you don’t explicitly hear a third-party say “our game is exclusive to Xbox One,” confidently assume a PlayStation 4 version is available behind the scenes.
  • Stage two of Microsoft’s in-depth DRM messaging will arrive at Gamescom. There are no plans to support rental services. What was said last week was just so they could keep quiet.
  • The power of the cloud is phony, and was designed to mask Xbox One’s DRM. Microsoft approached third-parties, not the other way around. EA and Ubisoft are Microsoft’s biggest backers, but oddly enough, not Activision.
  • The DRM policy is worse than you know.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 will debut at Microsoft’s press conference.
  • Prince of Persia will return for Microsoft’s press conference.
  • Special secret Phil Spencer game? World of Tanks from
  • Xbox LIVE pay-wall set in stone for online play.
  • Dead Rising 3 and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game.

PlayStation 4

  • No online pay-wall for PlayStation 4. Unconfirmed.
  • Sony is very tight-lipped about its DRM policies.

However credible the source may seem, treat these as a rumor as of now. Let us know what you think below.