Rockstar publishes GTA Online tips for making a killer deathmatch

In a press release sent to PlaystationGang today, Rockstar, the developer of GTA online has announced publishing a guide that will help players in making killer deathmatches in the game’s content creator.

Prior  to this, Rockstar has also published a guide to make races through the GTA Online Content Creator.

GTA continued to publish their tips guide in order to focus on forging deathmatches and help players to increase their chances of becoming ‘Rockstar-Verified’.

In this process Rockstar notifies the players about setting player counts, time limits, target scores and all. In addition to this, the tips guide will help in controlling pick-ups strewn across the deathmatch area and suggest how to make the correct balance of the weapons. Notably the players are given full freedom to make their own choices.

You can get your GTA Online tips guide in the following link