Rockstar Games gives perfect response to female GTA player making stupid comments

When a GTA player named Sara contacted Rockstar Games with a bizarre complain, she must not have expected such a response from the company.

She wrote on Rockstar’s forums requesting the company to distance itself from its game GTA IV since it contained a  Russian soldier as its main protagonist.

She was visibly distraught with the company for its decision to still support the game considering the “current political climate”. She went on to bash GTA IV as being a ‘horrid game’ since “we know Russians are trying to control us.”

She even went to extent of accusing the company of being bribed by Russia in order to support the game.


However, Rockstar chose to reply to her queries and it did so with the outmost savagery that only they are capable of.

Its representative Nick.S wrote a long response to her informing her about the bigoted nature of her post. Nick also informed her that all GTA games were made, in part, by  “Russian developers, artists, sound designers, and so on.”

He also pointed out that Niko Bellic, isn’t a Russian soldier, but came from Serbia. To sign off, he suspended Sara’s forum account to give her time to think about the comments she made and “understand that these boards are not for your bigoted and racist views.”

She was also warned if she continued posting such messages after the ban was revoked, a permanent ban would be given to her. Way to go Rockstar.