Roadmap System Revealed PS4 Release Date

There’s alot of rumors lately about Sony next gen console, The PlayStation 4. On a recent report, according to egmnowVGLeaks, the WikiLeaks of video game hardware specs believe   there’s a “roadmap,” system’s  which contains PS4 release date. The roadmap system’s contain file. If what the roadmap systems claimed happen to be true, then the PS4 will most likely launch fall 2013/early 2014.

Below you can see the roadmap listed the past release date and future release

  • 2011 June/July – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r9 graphics card
  • 2011 Sept/Oct – PC with Win7 64-bit and a “jailbroken” ATI r10 graphics card
  • 2012 Q1 – disclosure to more developers
  • 2012 E3 – potential unveiling window start
  • 2012 Jul – devkits for engineers writing OS
  • 2012 Q3 – first true hardware prototype devkits
  • 2013 E3 – potential unveiling window end
  • 2013 Q4 – launch

PS4/Xbox 720′s hardware specs:

PS4 “Orbis”

  • AMD APU Solution (Jaguar/Steamroller), 4 cores, Higher Clock than X720/Durango
  • Maybe AMD 8000 series GPU solution
  • 2-4GB GDDR5
  • Launch Fall 2013/Early 2014

Xbox 720 “Durango”

  • AMD Jaguar 1.6GHZ 8-Core
  • AMD 8800/8900 GPU
  • 8GB RAM (DDR3?)
  • Launch 2013