Retailers Desperate Attempts to Sell the Xbox One and Rumors of a Lower Priced Version

The PS4 has had no trouble selling itself, low in stock all over the country, it seems impossible to get your hands on one anytime soon. On the other hand, retailers are having trouble selling Xbox Ones, causing them to take desperate measures.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to have a good outlook with their recently released Xbox One. Even though last month’s sales were stronger than the usual, it appears to have slowed down dramatically. NPD, a research firm reports that the PS4 is outperforming its contender. That means for every 2 PS4’s that are sold, there is only 1 Xbox One that is sold.

There could be many reasons as to why the PS4 is doing much better than the Xbox One. It could be the works of the marketing strategies, consumers’ preference, loyalty, or even the cash they have in their pockets. No matter what it is, it has become obvious that Microsoft is taking a blow, by the way retailers are handling sales of their Xbox One. Big retailers such as Target, Walmart, and GameStop have begun to include some perks/discounts for consumers to purchase Microsoft’s next-gen console.

The deals included can be pretty convincing, and the best ones are coming from Walmart and Target. If you purchase the Xbox One from Walmart, they are willing to include a $50 game for free. If you do not want a game, then you can head to Target, where they are giving a $50 gift card for the same purchase. GameStop are allowing customers to put their Xbox One on layaway and also a $10 off a purchase of a second controller.

WalMart Xbox One

Even after months of being released, the PS4 still in high demand, is very difficult to find. Many people have tried to get their hands on the console in their local area, but most have reported that it is not in available, and employees are not sure when they will be restocked.

The PS4’s best marketing tactic was making their price $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. The PS4 is also a tad bit more powerful and the graphics would look different (depending on the game) on each console. Even though some people don’t care about the visuals of the game, it is a no brainer that the PS4 gives you more bang for your buck.

The deals that Walmart and Target have included for the purchase of the Xbox One, insists it’s a price cut of $50 and may lower the MSRP of the Xbox One. Sales have shown that Microsoft is hurt and in order to reduce the manufacturing cost to equal out to Sony’s, they would have to get rid of the Kinect equipment.

Xbox One Gamestop
Advertisement of Xbox One on Gamestop Website

There has been a buzz that there may be a reduced price no disc drive version of the Xbox One in the works of Microsoft. If that were to be true, no disc drives would mean that Microsoft would require customers to purchase games from their online store. A move like that will cut ties with retail store profits, which may end up making or breaking Microsoft profits.

It is obvious that Sony is in the lead for the best next-gen console, so we will have to wait and see what Microsoft have up their sleeves to fix their surplus inventory and get back on track.

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