Resident Evil 6 has three Major campaigns playable

• Resident Evil 6  has three Major campaigns playable:

  • First playable character is Leon Kennedy in the US
  • Second as Chris Redfield in China
  • Third , Jake Muller (Albert Wesker Jr) in Edonia (Eastern Europe).

Muller’s blood is the key to finding the cure for this game’s C-Virus outbreak. His co-op partner is Sherry Berkin. Their campaign, will be revealed this year at E3.

Chris Redfield’s campaign takes place in Lanshiang in China.He wil have a co-op partner name Peirs Nivens.

• Classic Resident Evil zombies will be back.

Leon is forced to assassinate the President at the Tall Oaks University Campus, which turns into a ground-zero bio-terror attack hit zone. His co-op partner will be special Agent Helena Harper.

• Players can move and shoot andtake cover

•The game will be 3 time longer then resident evil 5
• The game set to be release  October  2nd 2012!