Reserve Your New PSN Name For PS4

Think of how many PSN names are taken at the moment, yea a lot. Now, think of the first few weeks it releases how many more usernames will be taken. Yeah, pretty insane right. This is why you should head over to the Playstation Website and make an account as soon as possible. Sure you won’t be getting that one word username you wish you could have, but you have a much better shot of getting something decent now then if you wait a few weeks.

When picking a username, make sure that It’s something that you’ll want to keep for the next few years. Currently you’re unable to switch your usernames. We don’t have any news that says otherwise either so make sure you pick something that you’re going to be fine with playing on for the next few years.

Next, let us know in the comments below if you have already picked a username for PSN and what you picked. Were you able to get the username you wanted or did you have to settle with something else?