Real-Name User ID Will Be An Option on PS4 At Launch

Sony has confirmed that there will be an option to use your real-n name on the PSN. this option will be available at launch for PlayStation 4.They had announced that the option would be available previously, but never announced when.

It is worth noting that this is only an option and for those who want to continuing being anonymous or use a nickname they will still be able to. In addition, this isn’t an all or nothing prospect. You can use a real world name on the PSN, but an alias during the game. This opens potential pitfalls on the system like users being more open to personal harassment that could become a bigger issue with a person’s real name hanging out there.

The idea is to be more inviting to a wider audience. The comparison used is how Facebook makes use of real names and it is better understood than making up a nickname for yourself on an online service is.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. The system will be in place on day one.

(via Kotaku)