PS4’s potential will take years to tap out

According to GamingBolt, information on next-gen consoles has been provided by executive producer of I-Friqiya – Creator of the PSN game Fuel Overdose.

When asked about the time span of when developers will be able to max out the PS4’s hardware, he says several years after the launch of the hardware, the most technically advanced games will surface. For example, when the PS3 launched, so did PS2’s God of war 2 which became the most impressive game of the PS2.

He says, “Each hardware has its strengths and weaknesses and it always takes time before you can deal with all the technical constraints.”

For creators who can’t afford multiple game developers, he hopes for the PS4 to be more developer oriented as well.

“I appreciate the message delivered by Sony and I hope that the PS4 will be more developer-orientated, especially for those who cannot afford to assign tens or hundreds of developers on a single project, but I think it’s gonna take at least 2 or 3 years before we can see the true potential of the hardware.”

The developer community is positive about the PS4, especially with its generous interest of feedback. While Nordic Games are uncertain of the PS4’s hardware. Avalanche Studio states, “The PS4 will out power most PCs for years to come.”