PS4 Vs. Xbox One: All PS4 Bundles Sold Out At Amazon

Two days ago we reported the standard PS4 edition has been sold out at GameStop website as the “unlimited” supply has seemingly run dry. Now Amazon is following the same path. As the second major retailer to have five out of six total PlayStation 4 PS4 pre-order bundles load completely sold out. However, there is a the standard edition that is currently available to pre-order. If you haven’t place yours yet, act quickly before it gets sold out too.

The “Battlefield 4” and “Killzone: Shadow Fall” with the same $10 off annual discount on PS Plus is also sold out. Including  “Knack” PS4 bundle and PS4 “Watch_Dogs” bundle being sold out too. Not only that, but the PS4 Launch Edition seem’s to be facing the same path as-well.

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This generation has started on a tremendous note for Sony. Could we be seeing a return of the PS2 era success for Sony with the PlayStation 4?