PS4 Release Date leaked by Ubisoft?

Previously Sony announced that the PS4 will launched this year holiday in  Japan and the U.S. whereas UK and Australia release date will not occur until early 2014.

There has been many speculation hinting the PS4 might release late October or Early November. There was a speculation from The Last of Us place on a billboard showing an evacuation date of October 17th  2013 which makes everyone think that Sony’s next-gen console might hit store October 17th.

On a new report, Watch Dog, Ubisoft upcoming title, supposedly to be a launch title for the PS4, may have revealed the PS4 release date. Watch Dogs being a PS4 launch title and it set to release November 22nd, which make everyone assure that the PS4 itself might be releasing on or before November 22.

This is just speculation, of course, but we all know the PS4 is coming this to your local stores this Holiday season. We probably wont get an exact date untill E3. We’ll keep you updated as more news arrives.