PS4 is “world’s biggest console launch”

According to analyst firm DFC Intelligence, the PlayStation 4 appears to have the most successful launch witnessed by any console to date. And they believe it’s going to win this generation’s console war.

Sony confirmed 2.1 million PS4 units sold worldwide and now it has officially  become the “world’s biggest console launch.”

DFC Intelligence expects the PS4 to beat  Xbox One this generation. Even though, the Xbox one sold 2 million in just 18 days. But we all know by now Sony’s numbers has also increased since their last statements.

“The initial success of the PlayStation 4 bodes well for its future. The PlayStation 2 and Wii went on to be the best selling console systems ever. DFC Intelligence does not believe that the PlayStation 4 will surpass those systems but reiterates its forecast that the PS4 will be the number one system of this generation.”

Lastly, DFC  believes the  PS4 will also outsell the PS3. Looks like Sony is in for a treat this gen.