PS4 is most-wanted electronic this year

GameStop revealed the PS4 is the most wanted electronic device this year according to their poll. 34% poll says that their most-desired electronic device this year is the PlayStation 4. Leading Sony  beating out smartphones, tablets, laptops and mp3 players. Over 900,000  users in GameStop  have signed up to receive information about PS4.

“Based on the survey of loyal customers of GameStop, 34% of them expect to get a PlayStation 4 in the next twelve month. Moreover, nearly 900 thousand of GameStop clients signed up to receive information about the PS4,” says the survey report.


“Although we have been given no official numbers by Sony, we do believe that demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.” Said by GameStop president

Sony internally expects the PS4′s annual shipments to reach 16 million units in 2013.

The PS4 will launch  this year Holiday.