AMD – PS4 more powerful than Xbox One

Sony’s PS4 incorporates HUMA (Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access) from AMD. Apparently this gives Sony’s hardware a significant advantage over Microsoft’s Xbox One. Both systems are using AMD chips, but only the PS4 has HUMA technology.

According to a German I.T. magazine (translation here) this means that the PS4’s 3D performance is far ahead of the Xbox One. It comes down to how a machine calculates the two images between the RAM (CPU) and VRAM (GPU). It needs a low latency. Sending information from the RAM to the VRAM creates some latency, but it is generally fine. For a 3D image, it has to send the data from the RAM to the VRAM back to the RAM is took much latency for the CPU.

HUMA is there to correct that by making by having all the RAM no longer physically separated. The copying of data from one part to another takes more than the computation and the roundtrip highly ineffective. Doing this way will allow for a big boost#D, but also for many different algorithms a computer might need to run.

We will see for ourselves in November when the PS4 launches.