PS4 – “biggest hardware launch ever”

COO of EA Peter Moore reported their first-quarter earnings for the fiscal year 2014 today, where he also described how the PS4 launch is trending more and more. EA predicts the next-gen console to do very well when it is released.

Moore says that the consumers are thrilled about the PS4 because they “are acutely aware that new hardware is coming.” He goes on to believe that the PS4 will be Sony’s “biggest hardware launch ever.”

Moore also pointed out that EA trusts that the new console will be “spectacular” and sees “millions of consumers to make the transition” to a more advanced generation of gaming. EA being the huge game company as they are is going to “make moving day painless”, by making it easier to switch from the current generation to the next.

The PS4 will launch this November and Pre-orders are still available at certain retailers.

Do you have high hopes or the PS4?