PS4 2.01 Update Available Now

Sony has fixed the issues that several gamers have been experiencing with the latest PlayStation 4 firmware update to 2.00. The latest update will bring the PS4 console to 2.01 and should fix some of the major issues though the update will not be forced so it’s completely up to you if the update hits your console.

The major issue fixed and was causing a stir in the PlayStation community was that the console would wake from the Rest Mode randomly. This new firmware update does fix the issue and hopefully doesn’t have anything new popup from the update.

Far as we can tell, this update merely fixes the Rest Mode without anything new being tossed in. Sony did mention through Twitter that this update is not forced. If gamers wish to install the update then they will have to manually do so within their PlayStation 4 console. Let us know if you happen to spot any bugs within the console after the 2.01 update!