Project Morpheus Still Prototype Phase Richard Marks Reveals

We’ve seen quite a bit about Project Morpheus and 3D virtual reality gaming in general. However, you won’t see the device launching this year as Project Morpheus is still in a prototype phase according to Richard Marks.

Richard Marks is the director of Sony PlayStation magic Lab and was interviewed by MTBS where the talk was all about Sony’s Project Morpheus. According to Richard, Project Morpheus is very much in prototype phase and could change drastically before we get a public release.

Within the interview, Richard states that there is still a ton to learn about VR and how Sony can implement new features to Project Morpheus. Developers are currently using the device and making outstanding games however, development for these titles and prototypes is done much differently.

Apparently, Sony is suggesting to build video games from the ground up with Project Morpheus and to come up with brand new ideas. These ideas will turn into features before the device goes through mass production, whenever that will be.