Popular Developers Decide to Give a PlayStation 4 Pro Away

Yes indeed, you read that title correctly. The developers of the popular game Tricky Trip have decided to give away a Playstation 4 pro to one lucky guy or girl.

They held a similar giveaway recently during a LiveStream event. The winner was the person that had the 10,000th comment. The lucky person who won was Liam Martin. He lives all the way down under in Australia, but the postal service was more than up to the task.


The giveaway will be a brand new 1 TB PS4 PRO – one of the biggest releases of the year.


It’s open to International and USA residents.

There is one way for you to enter and to be in for a chance of winning:

You have to download their free app and play a few rounds


Each of these downloads counts as a single vote, and subsequently everyone can enter the competition up to as many times as they want. This undoubtedly improves your chances at grabbing a PS4 bundle.

Playstation 4 PRO 1 TB Bundle Giveaway