Pokemon Go finally reveals how it’s going to add Legendary Pokemon

After nearly a year since its release, Niantic Labs has finally revealed how you will be able to capture Legendary Pokemon in the game.  It revealed the information along with several other major announcements today.

It’ll be completely overhauling the gym system in the game and gyms are currently disabled. When it comes to capturing Legendary Pokemon, a new feature called “Raid” will be introduced in the game, where Legendary Pokemon will appear in gyms for a short period of time.

Players will need to team up in order to defeat these “Raid Bosses” and earn themselves a chance to capture them and also unlock special items.

Several websites speaking with Niantic during E3 has confirmed that this new Gym system will be used to introduce these Legendary Pokemon. Those who participate in these events will be given a special code to unlock these beasts at a later date.

The code system isn’t clearly defined and it can either be used to access special events, or unlock the Legendaries themselves. One thing is for sure the wait will soon be over and the most anticipated feature of Pokemon Go will be introduced.