PlayStation’s Feb 20 Event – Why it Matters

The day is finally upon us. Sony’s February 20 event which seemed to be ages away is finally going to take place tomorrow.

The giant is tipped to announce it’s next home console during the event – PlayStation 4. Every PlayStation fan from across the globe and thousands of journalists will have their eyes glued to what the company has in store for gamers.

It’ll mark the beginning a new era for console gaming if Sony indeed announces a new console tomorrow and the excitement level surrounding the event is justified.


The hardware giant has been making it evident that a new hardware announcement is on the cards by the sort of promotional campaigns it’s been running. Be it the various ad online, or their ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ video series which takes you back to Sony’s oldest console announcements, slowly moving forward and explaining the giant’s legacy.

All these suggests that the company itself is eager to move ahead and unleash the future for gamers.

The PlayStation 3, although a great console, has aged in the last 8 years of its existence. With developers such as Naughty Dog squeezing every last bit of power from the console. It’s high-time Sony makes a move, and it looks like they’re all set to do so.

PlayStationGang is well prepared to bring all the news from Sony’s conference as it happens – Live to its readers. We’ll be posting another update which’ll have important links which might be useful to keep a tab on the event.

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We’re as excited as you’re about tomorrow’s Sony’s event, but at the same time feel it’s our duty to ensure you get to know everything in one place.

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