PlayStation Gang Turns One Year Old

We’ve struggled, we’ve tested success, we’ve made mistakes, we’ve made some amazing decisions, and we’re turning one year old now.
What started as a vision to make the best Playstation fan site in the world soon became a commitment to produce up to date news and information for PlayStation fans and gamers worldwide.
We’re proud and happy to announce that PlayStationGang has turned one year old today and is growing every day thanks to the love and affection shown by all our esteemed and dedicated readers.
We intend to surprise you in more ways than one as we progress towards becoming a  much better website with a increased focus on the PlayStation brand and its fans.
Let’s take a look what kind of changes you can expect in the coming year.
  • You’ll see a much more professional looking site, something which we’ve already begun work on. With many interesting features on offer for a better and more rewarding content reading experience.
  • You’ll see a drastic improvement over the quality of content available on the site as we get more people on board as writers who not only share a passion for gaming but also posses tremendous skills in the writing department.
  • You’ll also see the introduction of various categories of articles including reviews, previews, opinion pieces as well as feature stories.
  • You’ll also witness an increase in the amount of PlayStation related news articles produced on a daily basis.
  • And most importantly, you’ll play an important role as we progress towards our ultimate goal of becoming the number one PlayStation media outlet providing gamers with a up-to-date feed of news stories and other interesting content to enjoy.
To celebrate this occasion, we’re going to share some interesting numbers and stats with you.
 A total of 1,804,097 unique PlayStation fans have visited this website, and we’ve got a whopping 9 million pageviews since our inception. A average user visits around 4 pages on our website during each visit, and spend about a minute and half. Only 14.4 % of our readers visit a single page.
The first article we published on the website was about Final Fantasy XIII-2. Here’s a list of the top three most visited articles on our website.
We have seen some tremendous amount of love and affection from readers all around the globe and we promise all our fans a better and more quality reading experience in the year to come.
PlayStationGang’s journey for becoming a well loved and quality PlayStation and Gaming media outlet has begun and we hope you’ll show the same love and affection in many years to come that you’ve shown us in our debut year.
We would like to say thanks once again and hope to keep delivering the latest PlayStation related news to you as soon as they’re revealed.
Hugs and Kisses
Debabrata Nath and Charly Pierre
Founders PlayStationGang