PlayStation 4 Officially Announced

Sony’s ‘Future of PlayStation’ Meeting is taking place right now and the giant has officially announced its next home-console – The PlayStation 4.

The console which will be much more powerful than its predecessor and will feature a brand new controller – The Dual Shock 4. Here’s a image below.


The console will have 8 GB RAM and a extremely fast processor. It will make use of a super charged PC architecture x86 AMD CPU along with a highly enhanced PSC GPU unit.

The Dual Shock 4 enables you to look around as the animation plays. The PS4 interface allows you to hit share button on controller, scan the video, tag, and then the video will upload as you continue playing. You can also browse live videos of what your friend is doing. The network is based on real friends and lets you interact with real people with real names and profile pics from an existing social network.

More details to be shared in this post as they’re made available. Stay tuned.