Playstation 4 graphics will “blow you away”

The PS4 keep receiving positive comments, thus far we haven’t heard any negative comments from the likes of the system. The system has been praised has  “the world’s best PC” and it will open up beyond what most PC can do. According to Ubisoft’s CEO Yannis Mallat, he believes that the PS4 will ‘blow us away’ with its visuals.

“I think minds will be blown by the graphics as a hook, as an entry dood, [but] to me, what’s lying beneath that or beyond that will keep our players involved. When you think about that, even on current generation systems it always takes some time for developers to tame the machine – especially the PlayStation 3.”

“This time we may see creating amazing games on the visual side of things very quickly, but to me the social complement and connected thing will be the next-gen experience compared to the current generation system. That being said, you’ll be blown away by graphics.”

We are very excited to see what the PS4 is really capable of, are you?