People are going crazy trying to solve “The World’s Hardest Word Search” and find the “Dog”

The internet’s latest obsession is a word search puzzle that requires you to find the word “Dog”.

Many have termed it as being the ‘world’s hardest word search’ and people are really losing their minds trying to find the word.

It’s just 14 letters across and 14 letters down, but it’s harder than it looks…way harder in fact. Success rate is as low as 10%, and I personally gave this challenge to 6 of my friends and none of them succeeded.

Take a look yourself:

Hardest Word Search Ever

Wait, my over-smart person detector is off the charts…is that you claiming that it’s the “Dog” at the top or at the bottom? Sorry, but that’s not it. The word is actually hidden where it is supposed to be. Not those I have marked below in red:


For those who managed to find it, congrats, you have the eyes of a Hawk and you deserve to give yourself a pat in the back.

For those who still can’t find it, well it’s marked in Red below –


And no, I wasn’t able to solve it myself.