Payday 2 Director Quits – No More AAA Video Games!

PayDay 2 director is calling it quits and is deciding to leave the big studios and AAA video game releases. Instead, David Goldfarb, is looking to settle into a small studio where the video games he creates are somewhere between indie and AAA.

David Goldfarb spoke with Polygon where he stated that he is leaving Overkill Software in good terms. PayDay 2 sold wonderfully and David admits that the game wasn’t a AAA title but it sold as well as any AAA video game.

I’m abandoning AAA. Payday 2 wasn’t triple AAA but it had AAA sales. But I just want to find genres that I can subvert

David Goldfarb isn’t a stranger to big successful video game hits. Through the years, David has worked on video games that includes Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 3 and Killzone 2. Now it’s time to take a step back and work with a little more freedom.

Currently, David is looking to open up his own studio where he can have creative control. Only about four developers will be present within the studio and it’s unknown what the first IP will be.

I never wanna really do that again, big teams. And there are a lot of reasons for that. Even when I was doing it it felt f***ing fraudulent,” he said. “And there are people who are totally valid in that context but if you’re a journalist or a game designer who thinks the thing that matters the most to you is you need freedom, and I think I’m one of those people, then eventually the world will decide or you will decide, there is no other thing. It will happen one way or another.