The Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Is On Its Way to Theaters

Not matter how good this new trilogy is, Star Wars fans will never forget the original one. Film distributors won’t either: Almost 40 years after A New Hope, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema plans to bring the adventures of Luke Skywalker back to the silver screen through a nationwide roadshow.


Alama Drafthouse Cinema will start screening the 1997 Special Edition version starting on Aug. 6 at San Francisco, CA and spend that month making its way through 20 cities. The tickets will go on sale at on Star Wars Day (May 4th).

Austin Chronicles
Austin Chronicles

“It’s always been a dream to show the original Star Wars trilogy again – somehow, someway,” says VP of Special Events, Henri Mazza, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Seeing the original trilogy on the big screen for the first time is a real life-altering event and just a supreme amount of fun. When the films became available to book for screenings like these, we jumped at the chance to do something big.”

This good news comes in the midst of a streak of other good Star Wars-related news. The first Rogue One trailer dropped last Thursday and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray is in stores. There’s even the possibility that Yoda may come back in the next Star Wars flick, which hits theaters in 2017.