Nintendo’s Latest Trademark Hints That The Legend Of Zelda Is Going Mobile

Nintendo’s last Legend Of Zelda offering, Breath Of The Wild, became one of the best games Nintendo ever released, scoring high with the critics and still wowing fans to this day, over a year after its release.

Credit: Nintendo

The Zelda franchise is one of Nintendo’s most successful, and Link’s adventures whether in toon form, dark form, 2D form or open-world, continue to impress the masses.

Following on from Breath Of the Wild, Nintendo’s next plans for the series may have been leaked thanks to a patent uncovered online.

Credit: Nintendo

Japanese Nintendo  has revealed [via My Nintendo] that Nintendo has applied for a Twilight Princess trademark in Japan, calling for a  ‘program for home video game machine’, ‘downloadable video game program’ and ‘program for smartphone’.

How interesting!

Now, it could be that this is to do with the Nvidia Shield, which currently has playable HD versions of some of the Nintendo Wii’s best games in China, but we all know Nintendo has an affection for mobile gaming, and is looking to bring its own full games to mobile devices.

Credit: Nintendo

Twilight Princess received mixed reviews when it released on the Wii back in 2006. Some praised it for its much more realistic graphics and dark tones, but lots of people weren’t thrilled about the use of the Wiimotes when controlling and battling as Link.

Twilight Princess’ HD rerelease for the Wii U received much higher praise, and the game is now a firm fan-favourite despite its flaws.

Whether or not Nintendo will be releasing the game for mobile devices remains to be seen, but its recent success with mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp means it’s not out of the realm of possibility. 

Although not a full AC game like those on the 3DS and Wii, the mobile app offered a lot of fun and attracted a lot of new gamers to the series.

Would you like to see Twilight Princess on mobile? Or should Nintendo stay well clear?