Nintendo’s Job Listing Shows New Console Development

Can you believe it? Nintendo is already up to bat for another swing at a new console. But the biggest question out there is, will they fall short again or make a grand slam homerun? We won’t know until specifications released but we’re very interested in seeing how Nintendo’s next console stacks up against the Sony PlayStation 4.

Did you think Nintendo was going to give up with home consoles after their Wii U became a major flop in sales? News and reports have already been made in the past that the Wii U successor was already in development with Nintendo even stating that a next generation console is always in the works right after a release of one into market. Though the bar is set high with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One out on market.

A brand new job listing from Nintendo shows that they are looking for someone to take the role of senior software engineer at the Nintendo Technology Development department or otherwise known as the NTD. No information has been released about the current console in development nor will we have any idea when Nintendo will make the grand reveal. Though one thing is for sure, Nintendo is looking to take another crack on the next generation console lineup.