Nintendo reveals its upcoming console, calls it Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally unveiled its upcoming home console, which was codenamed Nintendo NX. Say hi to the Nintendo Switch, which will be replacing Nintendo’s Wii U.

Nintendo NX being in development was no secret but the company’s finally removed the curtains for everyone to see what exactly it is and how it functions.

Nintendo didn’t really reveal much via the trailer and the details remain as elusive as ever, but we do know that the console will feature The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a playable game.


Another thing to note is that the console seems to be used both as a handheld gaming device as well as a home console. This means you can plug n play the system with your LED TV or while on the go. Seems really promising.

Nintendo Switch will be releasing in March 2017, we’ll update the article as more details emerge (if at all). Check out the teaser trailer below –

YouTube video