Next Gen Graphics: Unreal Engine 4 and Luminous, which one impressed you more?


During E3 2012, Epic  revealed to the public the “Elemental” Demo powered by Unreal Engine 4. Square enix  on the other hand  revealed  Luminous engine  to the public showing  Agni’s Philosophy – Final Fantasy Real Time Tech Demo.

Both Demo offer what they call perfectness , which give us  a glimpse what the next generation graphics will looks like.

Both tech demo (below) shows what would be a pretty standard cut scene in many games today. Both engine are amazing, they will Change the  Games you play, making everything look more real,you can’t help but be impressed.

As likely as it is,we probably won’t see those 2 Engine in action  until next gen console revealed.

You can view both video down below and lets us know which one that impressed you more

YouTube video

YouTube video