New Video Game Releases -10/26 – 10/30

From this week and each week until we reach Christmas we will see some major releases from developers as they try to pull in gamers to buy there games in droves.


It seems developers rush games out more and more in today’s current gaming climate and release patches to fix issues later on. This is the case with the new Medal Of Honor: Warfighter on Playstation 3,  its advised you download the day one patch because of a few major issues, its a huge patch apparently also. You wont see many reviews yet as the promo copies of the game have been sent out late. The reviews that do exist are rather mixed and im sure most people will buy this game just for the Battlefield 4 beta.

Are you a fan of the brutally hard Dark Souls? Well Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition is out on PlayStation 3 offers 10 hours of new content to boot. If you have the original on PlayStation 3 you can download the DLC that gives you the extra content that the lucky PC gamers got.

Persona 4: Arena has been out in America for quite some time now and its finally getting a UK release on the  PlayStation 3. If you like Guilty Gear then you will love this.

Fighting fans will also be happy because Street Fighter X Tekken finally hits the shelves. It’s had some really great reviews and the PS Vita’s dual analog sticks make it shine.


Most of all , Assassin’s Creed III. This game probably will be the most anticipated game for this month. We all  know of you are waiting for this game. This game set to release  October 30, 2012