New Vanguard Glitch Gives Players Unlimited Killstreaks

Call of Duty: Vanguard hasn’t had the smoothest launch. Now, it seems a new glitch is giving players unlimited killstreaks.

The glitch is a result of the Dead Drop field upgrade. Dead Drop is supposed to record your current killstreak score and give it back to you after you respawn. However, it seems that the upgrade is bugged.

The glitch happens after activating your Dead Drop field upgrade. If you reach the highest killstreak and use it, you’ll get it back after you respawn. The killstreak counter is supposed to reset, but instead it grants you the killstreak again after just one kill.

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Credit: Activision

Obviously, this can dramatically affect the balance of matches. Unlimited killstreaks is a pretty broken feature clearly not intended to be used.

Unlimited Dead Drops

Dead Drop recharges very quickly, so players can abuse this glitch if they’re so inclined. You can even spawn Attack Dogs at will and unleash constant hounds upon the enemy team.

Activision hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet, but it’s clearly something that needs to be fixed. It’s not Vanguard’s only issue, either. Previous glitches allowed players to get impenetrable shields or become invincible.

Vanguard hasn’t been a smooth ride so far, with some fans criticising the lack of good zombies content along with the game’s multiplayer. We’ll have to wait and see whether Activision fixes the game’s glitches anytime soon.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]