New Resident Evil 6 Details Confirmed; New Screenshots

Resident Evil 6 get new details and screenscreenshot


  • – The C-Virus will be the new ultimate “bio-weapon” in this title.
  • – Zombies will now wield axes, pipes and guns. If properly disarmed, these can be used against them.
  • – Zombies can now dash, jump and climb.
  • – Players can move and shoot, run into cover and dive onto the ground and fire while on their backs.
  • – All new Mercenaries Mode is available Day 1 for everybody, no DLC stipulations.

  • – Mercenaries Mode will be Capcom’s boldest, most expansive mode yet
  • – A tramatic event occurs in Chris Redfield’s life during his mission in Lianshang, China. This completely changes his personality to a more cryptic and pessimistic Chris Redfield.
  • – Ada Wong is somehow responsible for the Tragic event in China, which sets Chris on a rampage after her.
  • – Wesker’s son’s name is Jake Muller, who is a mercenary fighting in Europe with the goal of earning cash for him and his mother.

  • – Jake is immune to the current viral outbreak and is contacted by Sherry Birkin in attempt to convince him to help save the world from the recent catastrophe.
  • – There are 3 seperate campaigns combined in one story, all taking place across the globe: Sherry and Jake, Leon, and Chris.
  • – Leon’s first mission, taking place in a University, will be a throwback to the original RE games in which horror and atmospheric tension are the key elements in place.


Resident Evil 6  set for release October 2nd, 2012