A New Free-To-Play Titanfall Battle Royale Will Reportedly Drop Tomorrow

It’s being reported that Monday 4th February will see the launch of a new free-to-play battle royale Titanfall game, and the internet couldn’t be happier.

Although the news is yet to be confirmed by EA, the evidence is overwhelming and it’s amazing news for Titanfall fans.

Credit: Respawn

The game is apparently called Apex Legends, a name which EA has trademarked, and some YouTubers are already claiming they’ve played it.

Rod Breslau, an esports insider, tweeted saying: “Sources who have played and have knowledge of the game confirm to me that Respawn is set to announce and release Apex Legends on Monday Feb 4, a free to play Titanfall Hero Battle Royale game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.”

Credit: Respawn

He then went on to say the game will have Overwatch-style loot boxes and will support a maximum of 60 players per server.

Credit: Respawn

Titanfall 2 is often heralded as the best shooter of this generation, so it’ll be exciting to see if these rumours are true!

Are you excited for this?

Featured Image Credit: Respawn