New DriveClub Footage Shows Dynamic Shift of Time

DriveClub has a new video showing off the “dynamic shift in the time of day.” Design Director Paul Rustchynksy drives an Audi R8 V10 Plus on the Salar de Surire in Chie. In the video you can see the sun setting and the light factor change as it gets later while the car does laps around the mountain track.

According to the PlayStation Blog, time is accelerated by a factor of 60. So a minute equals an hour. The video covers a time roughly from 6pm to 9pm in Chile over the course of the three laps. You can adjust the speed of time before you race.

There are plenty of other things the video is showing us that most people wouldn’t notice unless pointed out to them because it all flows together into a fairly beautifully rendered experience. Check the blog post for more of these details.

DriveClub is a launch exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 and will be free to PlayStation Plus members in November.

YouTube video