New 4K Retro Gaming Console Costs $50, Supports Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and More

A new retro video gaming product is touting itself as the world’s smallest retro gaming console. An obvious retort to the Palm-sized Mini NES announced by Nintendo that comes pre-loaded with 30 epic games

The RetroEnginge Sigma is currently in the prototype stage on indiegogo and has achieved over 1000% of their initial funding goal of of $20,000, at about $215,000 in current funding.


 “Sigma is as simple as plug-and-play and requires no expertise or experience to set up. The system comes with several pre-installed games that work out of the box. Additionally, via an easy smartphone guided setup procedure, gamers gain the ability to run a majority of retro video games released on such classic systems as Atari VCS 2600, Sega Genesis, NES and many more. It is also a living room computer and powerful media-center. Retrogaming simplified!”

The Sigma comes with 15 preinstalled games that you can play immediately. The individual titles will  be revealed over the course of the campaign. The Plug’n Play installer gives you the choice to download, configure and install additional emulators from public sources and repositories, controlled by your smartphone or tablet. The system can also be controlled by a smartphone and is compatible with all of these systems:

retroengine sigma