New 1080p gameplay videos & customizable options of Thief shown for PS4

Two new gameplay videos of Thief have been released by Sony Computer Entertainment UK which showcases the PS4 version game in full HD 1080p.

Level Designer Daniel Windfield Schmidt guides us in the video of a mission to get access to a stronghold in the house of an architect who designed it.

YouTube video

To add to this, a second video shows the same task performed in an alternative way with extra stealth or more aggressive options.

YouTube video

Finally the third video gives details about a variety of options and choices of difficulty which can be customized by players according to their wish. Also there are few options specifically for PS4 like the inventory management through the touchpad of the DualShock  4 controller.

YouTube video

Thief is all set to release in North America on Feb 25 2014 for PlayStation 4 and other platforms.

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