Netflix’s Controversial Death Note Movie Is Getting A Sequel

I’m going to start this one off with a disclaimer – I – like most of the world – am a HUGE fans of the Death Note anime. It’s pure genius, and even though it’s now over a decade old, it’s still one of the most highly-regarded manga and shows of all time.

Credit: Netflix

When Netflix announced and released a movie adaptation of Death Note, I was pretty excited. An emotion that was quickly followed by sadness, disappointment and pure rage.

I wasn’t the only one to be disappointed with the movie, and it’s become something of a meme that it sucks. Don’t watch it. It’s awful.

With such poor reviews across the board, it’s pretty surprising to learn that Netflix is about to release a sequel. Yep. The “sh*tshow” continues…

Credit: Viz Media

Details are thin on the ground right now, but people aren’t pleased with the news.

Credit: Viz Media

The news was announced shortly before Netflix UK decided to remove the anime from its streaming platform, leaving lots of fans pretty disappointed that its movie(s) are now the only way to stream some Death Note through the service.

Will you be checking out the Netflix Death Note sequel?