NBA 2K14 Introduces Dynamic Roster Updates

Keeping rosters up to date has been apart of the NBA 2K franchise for a while now, but the barrier was always how fast players could get those updates and the trends during the season were not reflected in the game. 2K sports is introducing a new system called Dynamic Living Rosters to ensure that NBA 2K14 plays will never be using out of date rosters.

The developers base the in game stats on the real life performance of the players. They teamed up with a stat tracking company to create their new system where they can have the player’s real life performances reflect onto their virtual selves in the game. If a player in real life is on a hot streak, it is going to reflect in the game. Likewise if they hit a dry spell.

NBA 2K14 will come out October 1st for PlayStation 3 and all other current gen platforms in North America and October 4th in Europe. It will be a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

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