Naughty Dog Pushing The Last of Us To Surpass 60 FPS

The Last of  Us Remaster was announced earlier this year for the PlayStation 4 and its set to release this July 29th.  With only a month away from its release, developer Naughty Dog is trying to accomplish the impossible, to improve the performance of this game to top 60 FPS!

According  Corrinne Yu, she stated

 ” We are coding hard over the weekends with our Naughty Dog graphics team to push The Last of Us past 60 fps.”

On the other hand, lead programmer Christian Gyrling is also working really hard  to eliminate all the bugs that are slowing the game down.

“After 4 days of digging around in CPU/GPU traces I finally figured out what was slowing us down. On to the next perf bug! #TheLastOfUs#PS4”

Its good to know that Naughty Dog  really care for their games. With only one month away before the game release they are still working hard to polish the game into a wonderful masterpiece.