Naughty Dog is aiming for 1080p/ 60FPS Uncharted 4

1080P/60FPS  in-game is become an objective standard for all Naughty Dog PlayStation 4 titles.  The developer is  pushing the boundaries of PlayStation platforms to aim for 1080p/ 60FPS  for past title and upcoming title. The Last of Us Remastered just so happen to be one of them.

The Last of Us was the most anticipated  post-apocalyptic PlayStation 3 game last year and also one of the most PlayStation 3 successful new IP. Now Naughty Dog’s first game for this current new generation  will be The Last of Us but a remastered edition. It will featuring  a steady 1080p  and 60fps.

Now 1080p/ 60FPS  is becoming a standard for this gen.

“I think that [1080p60] is what we want to push for with anything that we’re doing on this generation,” “When we came out and said we’re trying to hit 60, we saw that there’s a lot of debate between that, so why not cater to both sides of that,” Meyer said. “If you’ve really got a strong preference for that, why not provide that customisation for you? Speaking of NeoGAF, there was a guy saying he gets more nauseous at 60fps than 30fps, so he’s loving it. It’s kind of an anomaly, and most people are like – why are you doing that? It’s great that we’re able to include it.”

He added:

“That’s sort of the mandate from when we were building the PS4 engine; let’s see if we can do this and hit it. We hit it with The Last of Us Remastered, so why not stick with this?”

That proved next year’s Uncharted 4 will be aiming for 1080p60.