Moth Meme Creator Seeks Legal Advice Over Fortnite Using His Idea

The infamous Moth Meme quickly became one of the best memes of 2018, and now it’s even made its way to Fortnite via an incredibly popular skin.

The moth skin hasn’t impressed everyone though – the creator of the moth meme has asked Reddit whether Epic Games is allowed to make the skin without permission.

Close up of moth outside my window from r/creepy

Spotted on Twitter, Reddit user No_Reason27 asked: “Hi, I’m the guy posted the original message photo of the moth, and I recently learned that Fortnite is making it into a character, and I was wondering if that was legal for them to do?

“And, if so what should I do to get compensated or them take it down? I already emailed them and I’m waiting on a response.”

Whether or not No_Reason27 can take action against Epic isn’t known, but he’s not the first person keen to call-out Epic on its use of other people’s assets.

Rappers, dancers and actors have all expressed dissatisfaction with Fortnite, claiming Epic has stolen their dances for use in the game as emotes.
Credit: Epic Games
The latest celebrity to get a little angry with Epic is Donald Faison, star of beloved hospital sitcom Scrubs.
Faison, who played the legendary Turk, has hit out against Epic for its use of what he’s called “his dance” in the game.

Faison recently announced that the famous dance, which was originally created to the song “Poison,” was created by himself during the filming of Scrubs episode, “My Half Acre.”

Credit: ABC Television

At a recent panel appearance, Faison told fans asking to see his moves: “If you want to see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that sh*t!”

However, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence said he was approached by someone asking if they could make use of the choreography in the game, to which Lawrence agreed.

Credit: Epic Games

Other popular dances in the game include Flossing, Orange Justice and Milly Rock.

Do you think Epic is ‘stealing’?